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Gourmet Custom Cakes By appointment only..

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Custom Sedona Wedding Cakes

Gourmet Custom Wedding Cakes handcrafted by pastry Chef Donna Joy....

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Custom Wedding Cakes, Artisan Baking Mixes, Handrafted Cookies & Biscotti

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Donna Joy's ® Sedona Sweet Arts

Custom Wedding Cakes | Artisan Baking Mixes | Handcrafted Cookies & Biscotti

Living Loving Creating Handcrafted Custom Wedding Cake. Pastry Chef Donna Joy is by appointment only creating custom on of a kind Sedona Wedding Cakes in the theme, colors, style and design you dream of. 928-282-4635
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Sedona Wedding Cake Art

Award winning Cake Artist & Pastry Chef Donna Donna Joy creates custom one of a kind Sedona Wedding Cakes. 

Sedona WeddingCake


This beauty is fondant cake adorned with a casade of hand scupted Sugar lilies in  a rich red with black centers. 

She opperates by appointment only.After 25 years of operating a retail store front Donna designs her own commerical and cerified studio that enables her to focus on the work she loves without haveing to tend to a storefront. This allows her to sleep past 3:00 a.m. as her retail locations were full service bakery - cafes.

 Fondant chamagne swirl square wedding cake

Three tiers of square shape, offset layered cakes in fondant adorned in a cornered accents of handsculpted sugar flowers by Donna Joy. Sedona Sweet Arts (928) 282- 4635 

Fondant chamagne swirl square wedding cake

Chocolate Fondant with a variety of techincs created this cake inspired. Fondant overlay, stencils fondant candy, piping, painted accents and brush color were used to create this beauty.

Fondant purple swirl square wedding cakeElegant fondantt with  cherry blossom branch wedding cakeNative American Wedding CakesOrange swirled square wedding cake Donna Joy

Custom Sedona Wedding Cakes by Pastry Chef Donna Joy. This three tier wedding cake is adorned with hand sculpted sugar flowers custom colored and size to fit the wedding party.



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Sedona Wedding Cakes
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