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Custom Sedona Wedding Cakes

Gourmet Custom Wedding Cakes handcrafted by pastry Chef Donna Joy....

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Custom Wedding Cakes, Artisan Baking Mixes, Handcrafted Cookies & Biscotti

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Cake artistry is a mix of many elements rolled into one. Cakes can be sized up and down, designs can be made in different types of frosting while under that frosting can be a variety of flavors dietary cake flavors etc.. This photo album are all cakes handcrafted and created by Pastry Chef Donna Joy.
The cakes are labeled to help your wedding cake inspiration. Donna Joy can recreate one of her designs, combine a few or create a unique one of a kind cake for you.

Sedona Wedding Cakes


Afforable Sedona Wedding Cake 
Rustic Wedding Cake
Fresh Flowers | SSA TC-001
Tuscan Textured
Pastillage Sugar Flowers | SSA TT-001
Sedona Wedding Cake Affordable Buttercream Sedona Sweet Arts 
Textured Ribs
Sedona Wedding Cake Affordable Buttercream Sedona Sweet Arts 
Textured Waves
Shabby Chic Wedding Cake
Sugar Flower Cascade ~ SSA TC-002
Tuscan Waves
Pastillage Sugar Flowers SSA TW-001
Sedona Wedding Cake Naked Sedona Sweet Arts

Textured angles
Naked Cake
No Frosting
Tuscan Angled texture
Semi Naked
 Chocolate Lines
SemiNaked Cake with Hand sculpted in flame Calla Lilies Chocolate Buttercream
pastillage Sugar Flowers
Chic Boho
Semi Naked Boho
 Chic affordable with sugar accents  Naked black n White Sugared berries and greens
Sedona Wedding Cake Sedona Sweet Arts
 Chic Boho
 Near Almost Naked
Elopement Chic Fresh Flowers Almost Naked with berries, mint
 Tuscan Waves
Elopement Tuscan
Waves of Buttercream
Fresh & sugar accents
Cake Description Elopement Love
Hand sculpted Sugar Orchids
Angled Tuscan Boho
Chocolate Boho
Texture Angle Buttercream Chocolate Buttercream waves
Ruffles in Buttercream Wedding Cake
Buttercream Ruffles

Chic Buttercream Strings
 Buttercream Ruffles | Sugar Accents  Strings of Buttercream
Chocolate Rustic Buttercream Sedona Wedding Cake  
Chocolate Boho
 Smooth Buttercream Sedona Wedding Cake
Classic Smooth
Chocolate Buttercream Piped Rustic Boho Classic Smooth Buttercream
Country Chocolate Buttercream Wedding Cake
Buttercream Rose Gold
Succulents Sedona Wedding Cakes
Succulents Buttercream
Rose gold Tuscan  Rustic Boho boho Buttercream

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